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Our Values

Honor and Integrity


Welcome to the premier martial arts experience.

Before you get started, take a moment to consider the most valuable aspect of being a martial arts student. Is it learning self defense through karate and kung fu? Gaining confidence and discipline through structured martial arts classes lead by supportive and encouraging karate instructors? Maybe being more physically fit and forming healthy habits?

To us, the answer is community. A place where all these benefits are generated organically. A place where every student is welcome and accepted for who they are as an individual. 

When searching for an exceptional teacher and mentor for your child, you want someone that will go above and beyond for your family, just like you do, every day. A karate instructor that will take the time to answer your questions and modify their teaching based on your progress as a martial artist, and the goals put forth by parents. A karate school where the instructors think about the best way to help you, even after you've bowed off the mats and gone home from class. A teacher who maintains a zealous attention to detail, enabling them to provide a superior martial arts and educational experience to your child.

This is the standard of Kempo Academy of Darien.

This is our commitment to the success of our students.

This is what makes us different.

Darien's Leader in Martial Arts, Self Defense, Kung Fu, Karate, and Fitness Instruction

Kempo Academy is dedicated to providing an outstanding customer experience. Our karate instructors have over 30 years of cumulative martial arts experience, and will do everything in our power to help you reach your goals.

The Kempo Academy of Darien Community in 60 Seconds

You deserve a karate instructor whose commitment to your kids rivals your own.

At Kempo Academy, our mission is to provide the tools and information our students need to succeed, even beyond karate. Our teaching philosophy is that every student is important, each of us learns differently, and that we all need something unique to become our best. Our karate instructors strive to engage each student of the martial arts with something fun and educational. We will find what works for you, and then provide support, encouragement, and guidance with absolute respect and professionalism.

Karate, martial arts, and kung fu are some of the best activities for kids and can be an excellent practice for adults seeking to learn something new, get in shape, enjoy camaraderie, and have some fun. Excited to see your children improve their focus, discipline, fitness, and confidence? Motivated to try classes for yourself? Be certain, we are equally excited to be a part of that journey. Click the link below to submit a free trial request and one of our karate instructors will reach out to you to schedule your first martial arts lesson.

Honor and integrity above all else.
— Kempo Academy of Martial Arts