Martial Arts and Kempo Karate

Our martial arts and karate classes are grouped by age, as a useful, but flexible entry point to a student's martial arts journey. Below, you'll find our karate, kung fu, and martial arts class groups along with our other programs and a brief history of Kempo. As we develop a deeper understanding of you as a student, we will guide you towards the martial arts classes that will benefit you most!

Kempo is a comprehensive and diverse style of martial arts and an effective means of unarmed self defense. The roots of the Kempo Karate trace back to the warrior monks of the Shaolin Temple, the renowned home of kung fu! Throughout centuries, the techniques of Kempo Karate have been refined and its content expanded to include the most effective strikes, throws, and movements in the martial arts. Combined with pioneering teaching techniques, anti-bullying and leadership content, and personal development paradigms, students become leaders among their peers.


Our martial arts and karate classes are grouped by age, as a useful, but flexible entry point for all new students.

Tiny Tigers ages 3-4

Little Dragons ages 4-6

Preteens ages 7-10

Jr. Adult ages 11-14

Adult ages 15+

Kung Fu


Pure traditional martial arts. Developed by the warrior monks of the Shaolin Temple, through the study of fighting movements used by the five animals of kung fu, the system taught at Kempo Karate of Darien remains unchanged from its original form. Below, you’ll find the five animals of kung fu along with a preview of the weapons training that is included in this martial arts program.

Tiger - Crane - Snake - Mantis - Leopard

Kung-Fu Extras!

Students will gain access to traditional weapons training including:






Leadership Program (Coming in Early 2018!)

Kempo Karate of Darien - karate classes in Darien.png

Why do we need leaders and what does a good leader look like? This unique pilot process of leadership development is designed for students seeking to understand the world, master themselves, and make positive contributions as they move into and throughout adult life. Students will engage in five phases (information, meaning/paradigm, tools/practical solutions, coursework, and narrative) to develop a framework for understanding and reaching their full potential. Students will also learn the "Meridian Code for Leaders," including the 33 principles, their deeper meaning, and their practical application. Finally, the course will challenge students to solidify their commitment to personal development by creating a positive life plan and outlining how they will accomplish their goals. We'll be revealing program details at the start of the new year so students can begin the journey of reaching their fullest potential and learn what it takes to succeed in life!

With great power comes great responsibility.
— Uncle Ben, "Spiderman"