Looking for something fun? We Offer Birthday PArties, Summer Camps, and Special events!

Birthday Parties

Looking for the best birthday party for your kids? We have you covered! One of the most popular kids activities at our studio, the karate birthday party is a complete blast from start to finish. Birthday kids get to show off their cool karate moves, hang out with their friends, and be the life of the party! Our parties include karate, games, a piñata, candy, and of course, crowd control.

Summer Camp

Want something fun for your kids to do over the summer? The school is out for winter or spring break and the kids are restless? Our summer camp and winter/spring camp sessions offer an excellent place to bring the kids for their time off from school. Our Star Wars themed camps include dodgeball, build your own light sword, crazy hair day, pizza day, and of course, the ultimate trial to become a defender of the galaxy!

Parent's Night Out

A night in front of the TV with the babysitter? Your kids want more, and you’ve earned a night off! Our Parents Night Out events are designed to give everyone a well deserved Friday evening. Each of these events has a different theme, from Pokemon to Minecraft, and we get pizza for the entire group. The kids have a ton of fun (and come home ready to hit the pillow), and you get a night to yourself!