Our Children are Tomorrow's LeaderS

The challenge we face is how best to help them flourish? More specifically, how do we do that amidst an increasingly complex social environment in which access to the tools of technology influence their development in ways we don't yet understand? How can we help them develop a high-resolution lens to navigate and interact with the world of limitless possibilities? I believe the answer is to be found in a child's exposure to an intelligent, grounded, positive, and engaging educational experience. A learning experience that transforms the way our kids perceive themselves, their behaviors, and the consequences of their actions.

True leadership is something that is embodied and found deep at the core of one's values and goals. We all know it when we see it in other people. These are the people who realize and act on the necessity of continuously striving to develop excellence and nobility of character, whose aims, decisions, and actions transcend superficial social and material gains. The higher goal is becoming a "Great Individual" and to make real everything good that's within one's reach for themselves and for those around them. This requires that we become self-aware and that we never stop exploring, learning, and improving. A true leader realizes what is relevant and confronts the inevitable challenges of life that lay ahead of them forthrightly and with integrity. They choose to do the right thing even when it's the hard thing to do. Tomorrow's leaders are humble and know they are always capable of becoming more than what they are today. This is the hero's call to adventure - of seeking the treasure hard to obtain and the journey of success and attainment through the adoption of meaningful responsibility.