Practical Self Defense lessons For Adults

Expert Tactical Self Defense Training Without The Formalities.

Within the last year, I've been increasingly asked the question: "Do you teach an adult program for folks that just want to learn self defense?" This made me wonder, what's changed? Why I'm encountering this type of question more frequently?

Many of us sense the current tension and uncertainty in our society. One student put it perfectly: "Often, we are just one hard bump on a crowded sidewalk away from exploding...I think it makes sense to be prepared for a higher frequency of this kind of (unpredictable) behavior." What's causing this tension? Well, it's likely a combination of many factors - polarization, economic uncertainty, a changing social environment, loss of nobleness of character, a lack of responsibility, fewer opportunities for real human connection. Regardless of the reasons, this is a self defense program designed to prepare you for whatever comes your way. A balanced course that provides the knowledge, skills, awareness, and confidence you need to improve your ability to handle a physical confrontation.

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Most people have a deep desire to learn street-smart self defense. Something that's functional, practical, and straight-forward. Why? Because it's useful! People succeed when they are alert, informed, and competently trained. The knowledge, mindset, and ability to physically protect yourself or defend your loved ones, free of the hassle and restriction of traditional training progressions, is simply a wise thing to learn. It's not something that gets old. Self defense falls into the category of "it's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."

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 If this is true, then why all the red tape? Should capable adults be kept behind the wall of reaching a certain rank in order to unlock closely guarded effective knowledge, techniques, and concepts? No. Is there merit to learning through traditional methods? Of course, but today people are more proficient than ever at acquiring and mastering new skills, so why not offer something to individuals looking to jump right in and streamline their learning? That's exactly what I've decided to do with this new program for adults.


The new "Tactical Self Defense" program, taught by Sensei Michael Nahan, is for men and women looking to accelerate their learning with classes that are exciting, educational, and never boring. The goal is to provide adults with a program free of restrictions. Train efficiently, learn faster, get a solid workout, and experience the camaraderie of joining a community of hard-working individuals. This isn't a course where you just "beat each other up." Yes, you will test yourself, but this isn't a group of people simply looking to fight. Classmates are courteous, respectful, and helpful. Everyone is training with the same end in mind - become intelligent and competent in self defense.

Program Info and F.A.Q.

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Self Defense Class Outline

What To Expect

  • A good workout and stretch that wakes up the body.
  • Bio-mechanics of movement including power generation, speed, accuracy, posture, balance, range of motion, footwork, proprioception, controlling falls, throws, etc.
  • Self-defense techniques and drills including offensive and defensive maneuvers (striking), grappling and controlling (joint locks, vital targets, pressure/leverage points), throws and take-downs, weapons defense.
  • Practical application and fighting/self defense concepts. This is about learning the ins and outs of how something works, the effects certain moves have on the body i.e. why it works, and how to make it work for you. We'll also go over mindset and what to be aware of should you ever face a threatening situation.
  • Chances to test yourself in a controlled environment. Not every class but often enough to stay sharp. This includes target pad-work, reaction drills, ground work, escapes, sparring and live defense drills. All such drills are done with proper padding and protection.
  • Workout and train together with other adults, men and women, of similar mindset and aim. A genuine community who, like you, are working to improve themselves.
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Self Defense F.A.Q

Helpful Information

  • Question: Do I need to wear a uniform?
  • Answer: No. All you need to do is wear something comfortable to move around in. Normal clothes for exercise are fine. Uniforms are optional.
  • Question: Are there belts and belt tests?
  • Answer: No. My main focus is on making sure people are getting really valuable information and improving their skills. Belts, if desired by class members, can be worked out at a later time. 
  • Question: Are there forms?
  • Answer: No, not really. While forms are very useful to hone body movement over a long period of time, this program is designed to be stream-lined self defense. Forms can be introduced upon request by students or sporadically, where their practice would enhance a concept we're working on in class.
  • Question: How does the class schedule work? Do I have to come on certain days?
  • Answer: Classes are meant to be flexible so they work with your schedule. You attend any two times per week that work for your schedule. Just show up to two times (can be different times each week) that are convenient for you!